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"I have known Kathleen for many years and several different capacities but I would especially like to address my relationship with Kathleen as my student. Kathleen has studied Reiki first-degree, second-degree, Reiki master, master teacher, and master of masters with me. Her skill level is extraordinary.  She integrates, understands and deepens the work each time she practices it. I also have had Kathleen as a student in my Heart Lotus Evolution 12 day certification program which is a program in holographic healing, hands-on healing, and deep mental and emotional re-patterning and rebalancing.  

She is a superb student.  Again her ability to understand the work and integrate the concepts into practical applications that are deeply effective is beautiful. She is skilled, present, and thoughtful master of her craft. I would recommend Kathleen‘s work to anyone and I would even say you would be blessed and lucky to receive from her."

Marsha Stultz

Conscious channel, energy healer, teacher

Creator of Heart Lotus Method

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