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  • Pain reduction

  • Stress and anxiety reduction

  • Clear energy systems

  • Clearing of lower energies

  • Soul retrieval

  • Power animal retrieval

  • Trauma work

  • Spirit Extraction

  • Clearing and blessing of home, land and businesses

  • Guided meditation

  • Divination

  • Transfiguration

  • Paradigm shift work

  • Past life healing

  • Wound work

  • Ancestral healing

  • Curse unraveling

  • Ceremony honoring and celebrating life’s transitions, events and environments

Energy systems are cleared and balanced in every healing session.​

~All services are available remotely, commonly referred to as distance work.~​

90 minute sessions are $155.00

Remote and in person sessions available

Payment for remote sessions are due 24 Hours in advance

Credit cards, debit cards and PayPal are accepted

Please email, call or text  Kathleen to set an appointment.

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