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Information about our 2023/34 Apprenticeship Program

​​Dear Shamanic Companions,


It is with great joy and gratitude that we announce our offering: The Way of the Heart Shamanic Apprenticeship. 


This is a nine-month intensive exploration of contemporary shamanism. This apprenticeship will open and deepen your connection to spirit in all things. It will support your personal healing and expansion. It will give you the knowledge and tools to perform healing practices for yourself, other people, animals, and all of Mother Earth.


A sample of what we will be teaching: exploring the middle world, extraction, shadow work, creating ceremonies, journeying for others, death and dying work, ancestral connections, medicine for the earth, moving with spirit, energetic protection, divination, nature spirits…and so much more.


Why might you join this apprenticeship? Some people attend this apprenticeship solely to expand their personal connection with spirit and to use the shamanic practices to support them and their friends and family. Others attend with the intention of supporting the healing of others in a private practice. Often, participants incorporate shamanic tools into their lives and work. In addition to your healing and expansion work, this apprenticeship will invite you and give you opportunities to grow and deepen your connections and relationships with all beings in the natural world.. 


Our meetings will be held at the Windpointe Barn in Freeport, Maine. It is a gorgeous and sacred space. We can’t think of a more ideal location for us to sink into this deep and sacred work. There is a labyrinth on the property and trails which are part of a land trust. The owners of the barn and land, Lyra Engel and her husband, Peter, are truly stewards of the land and Mother Earth. They are very supportive of this work we are doing. We feel that we are meant to be on this land, partnering with them, as we embark on this spiritual expansion for all of us.


This is a non-residential program. Our meetings will be from 9:30am to 5pm on Saturdays and 9:30am to 4pm on Sundays. There will be a Zoom meeting in February, avoiding traveling in the winter weather. Additional logistical details are provided at the end of this letter.


The apprenticeship is a commitment to your personal expansion as well as to each and every member of the circle. We are absolutely committed to creating a connected community. So much learning and deepening of your practice will be inspired by your work with other members of this circle. It is important that you are present for as many of our meetings as possible. We know that there may be events or complications that may interfere with your attendance occasionally. If you have a potential scheduling conflict with the planned dates, please contact us so that we can discuss the details.

Program Schedule:


  • September 16,17

  • October 28,29

  • November 18,19

  • December 9,10


  • January: Independent study with option to partner

  • February: Zoom session 

  • March 9,10

  • April 13,14

  • May 18,19 Final gathering and Graduation


In addition to classes, a private 90-minute shamanic healing session with Kathleen or Nancy, in person or remote at your discretion. This session is valued at $155.00.

Tuition: $3175

Deposit: $500 (non-refundable)

Monthly payment plans are available

Discount: $130 available for one full payment by check (after deposit)

Applications close on August 1, 2023


Important additional details:

1. To apply for the 2023/34 Shamanic Apprenticeship please fill out an application. 


2. We will email you after receiving your application to set up a 30 minute interview so 

that we can meet and discuss your hopes and goals and share more about the 



3. Payment plans: we have created payment plan options that will support you in 

creating a monthly budget for this program


Space is limited to 12 students.

We look forward to hearing from you and feel free to email us with any questions you may have.



Kathleen Duggan and Nancy MacPhee 




Apprenticeship Food and Lodging Details

Location Information:

This is a non-residential program so you will be on your own to take care of all lodging and food details.

Windpointe Barn is 5 miles from the center of Freeport, at the end of Litchfield Rd.


For those flying into Portland:

Freeport is a 30 minute drive from Portland Jetport. There are taxis and Ubers available.


Hotels and Air B&Bs:

There are many hotels and Airbnb rentals in the Portland and Freeport area. Contact us if you want to explore local Air B7Bs. We may have a couple of recommendations. 



Lunch: You will bring your own lunch and snacks each day. 

Snacks: We will create a community snack table and we invite you to bring something to share.

There is no kitchen at the barn and no running water. So, please bring food that does not need to be reheated. A small lunch box/cooler will help to keep your food cool.

We will have a large water cooler/dispenser for refilling your water bottles and for making tea/coffee.

We will have an electric tea kettle and a small selection of herbal teas. Coffee drinkers may want to bring a portable drip set-up or press pot.

In an effort to be environmentally conscious, we encourage you to bring your own water bottle, mug, utensils and cloth napkins whenever it is possible. 


We look forward to hearing from you and feel free to email us with any questions you may have.

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