Provide opportunities for self care and expansion.


Uncover your innate abilities to enhance well-being.


Balance and align your energy systems.

Rejuvenate physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Cultivate ways of being that sustain harmony in your daily life.

Nurture your desire and ability to develop self healing skills. 

Offer you a safe environment to relax, receive and rejuvenate.



Reiki is an ancient and gentle system of healing; it means universal life force energy. It can lower stress and anxiety levels, decrease pain, improve sleep and positively effect overall well-being. Reiki moves in a very palpable way, clearing energetic blockages within the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the client. It is frequently offered in hospital and hospice settings.

Shamanism has been practiced worldwide for thousands of years. The common threads that flow through the varied cultures are: all creation is of one heartbeat, one can journey to spirit realms to gain insight into what is for the best and highest good of the person seeking healing. Working alongside spirit guides, ascended masters, ancestors, angels and power animals, the healing manifests.

Heart Lotus Method is holographic in nature, all healing and growth transpire across all time and space. We create our lives from a sea of infinite potentiality.

I work with several healing modalities adhering to the highest ethical standards. My intention is to allow healing to clear, balance, harmonize and rejuvenate the physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual systems of the client in a safe and comfortable environment.


Prior to each session, I prepare the space and myself.  Each session opens with a consult to assess the client’s desires and needs, discuss what to expect, and ask any questions. Upon completion, there is an aftercare conversation about self-care and integrating the work. I comply with HIPAA standards.


Reiki I, Reiki II, Master, Master Teacher and Master of Masters in the Usui Reiki healing tradition

Shamanic  apprenticeship,  Advanced studies and initiations, Shamanic soul retrieval, Teach to journey

Heart Lotus Evolution Practitioner

I continue to enhance my practices through continuing education workshops and classes across an expanse of healing modalities.
Deep gratitude to my dedicated and masterful mentors:  
Dory Cote and Marsha Stultz